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PAM, Error Detection and Correction-Cyclic Code Trainer -, Single Phase Controlled Rectifier With RAMP Comparator Firing Scheme Trainer, 6116/6264/32256 Ram Study Card, Coaxial Wave Guide Adaptor, Traffic Light Control PLC Application Module, ARM Embedded Trainer, Strain Gauge Trainer, Frequency Modulation & Demodulation with power supply, E/M Measurement Setup, Electricity Lab Trainer, DSP, Data RE-Conditioning KIT, CVSD Modulator & Demodulator, Diode Characteristics Trainer, Understanding Local Area Network (LAN) Trainer -, Advanced 8086 Microprocessor, Planck's Constant Determination using LED, Shift Registers Trainer, Robotic Arm Kit, PIC Microcontroller Development Platform, Function Generator Trainer, Push Pull Amplifier with power supply, ADC/DAC Module, Stefan's Law Trainer, Nodal Slide Assembly Setup, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Trainer, Frequency Modulation / Demodulation, Universal Programmer-Tester, 8251 USART Study Card, Optics Bench, test2, Wireless Sensor Network Training System, DPCM, H-Plane Bend, i2C ADC / DAC Module, IGBT, Transistor Characteristics Trainer, Photoelectric Effect Apparatus, Free Running Multivibrator (Astable) with power supply, 8155 Programmable Peripheral Interface With Timer, Differential Pulse Code Modulation (DPCM) Trainer -, Ultrasonic Interferometer For Liquids, Micrometer Type Frequency Meter, Maxwell`s Bridge Trainer, Malus Law Trainer Setup, Advanced MIC Trainer, Percentage Modulation, Variable Attenuator 20dB, Experimentation of OP-AMP Characteristics,